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We Offer

Gas Services

01. Modular LPG Processing Plant

We offer modular and scalable LPG Processing plants that processes wet gas to obtain dry gas, LPG and Condensate. Our modular LPG plant gives an economic solution for the development of gas resources.

02.  Modular LNG Processing Plant

We offer modular LNG plants for the production of LNG. This modular solution provides an economic solution for the delivery of dry gas to offtakers not close to the pipeline network.

03. Compressed Natural Gas Systems

  • # Gas Processing System

Compressed Natural Gas Systems: We offer Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) systems to enable the smooth delivery of dry gas to off-takers.

04. Turnkey Gas Development Project

  • # Gas Processing System

We offer turnkey gas development project solutions from Sub-Surface Assessment, NAG Well Drilling, Gas Processing Solution and offtaking.

05.  Off-Taking Gas and Associated Gas Products

  • # Gas Processing System

We have off-takers for all the gas and associated gas products.

06. Other Gas Services

  • We provide the following additional Gas services:
    • Gas Flare-out Solution
    • Gas and Dual fired Generators
    • Gas Substitution Systems
    • Gas compressors and system accessories

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